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Herbal Liquorice sheets, cut your own straps

Herbal Liquorice Sheets

Cut your own straps! Rolled liquorice sheets flavoured with the popular Chinese herbal extract Glycyrrhiza Glabra. This has the same medicinal and nutritional properties as Herbal Liquorice Bites but a slightly more intense flavour.

chocolate liquorice logs, boutique liquorice from New Generation Liquorice

Chocolate Liquorice Log:

Another “best seller”. Similar to the Rasso Choco except that the chocolate centre is wrapped in New Generation's soft-chew herbal liquorice. If you like liquorice, you will enjoy these. Like the rasso-choco keep it sealed in the fridge. Tip: Cut into short lengths and enjoy with vanilla ice-cream.

liquorice combination pottle, boutique licorice from New Generation Liquorice

Combo Pottle:

A tasty mix of at least 50% of the New Generation Liquorice range

herbal liquorice flavoured with ginseng,New Generation Liquorice

Herbal Liquorice Bites:

Liquorice bites flavoured this time with something rather different: a popular Chinese herbal extract - Glycyrrhiza Glabra. GG runs a close-second to the well-known extract, Ginseng, used in Chinese herbal medicine. It's better to eat this one little and often rather than in large quantities. An unusual, interesting and tasty gift - a mouthful to remember.

irish moss, boutique licorice from New Generation Liquorice

Irish Moss

Not truly a liquorice but a fresh soft jube impregnated with aniseed and covered with colourful hundreds and thousands. Often fought over in a pottle of Allsorts. This item has a long history in confectionery.

liquorice allsorts mminibags from New Generation Liquorice

Allsorts MiniBag

These versatile little bags are great for fund-raising (schools, clubs), for business promotions and/or give-aways to good customers or to encourage repeat business. For schools & clubs the minimum order is 500 bags; for small businesses 100 bags. The goods have a shelf life of 12 months. Contact your area supplier as volumes will dictate prices and consequently margins.

peaches and cream speciality liquorice from New Generation Liquorice

Peaches and Cream

Slightly piquant, but very pleasant on the palate, this tasty little number is sure to please. Flavoured with peach essence and mixed with artificial cream to keep unsaturated fats low, it tastes, as you might expect, of peaches and cream

raspberry liquorice sheerts, cut your own straps, intense and tasty

Raspberry Sheets

Cut your own straps from these tasty sheets. This is created from an extrusion of the raspberry log, but has a more intense flavour

 popular allsorts minipottles, New Generation Liquorice

Mini Pottles:

Popular for give-aways and promotions

Fill it with just one liquorice variety or any assortment from within the product range. Mini pottles are popular in the business community as small give-away gifts of appreciation. A great value-for-money option.The minimum order is 36 pottles, going up in increments of 6 pottles eg. 42, 48.

raspberry chocolate liquorice logs, New Generation Liquorice

Raspberry Chocolate

Our ever-popular raspberry-flavoured roll wrapped around crunchy compound chocolate. The cooler it is kept, the crunchier the chocolate becomes. If you freeze it, just suck it until it becomes soft enough to eat. A tasty combination of flavours and textures. Keep the pottle sealed. A favourite with the younger set.

boutique liquorice freshly made in New Zealand, New Generation Liquorice

Raspberry Bites

The gorgeous raspberry flavour of this soft glossy liquorice log will delight your palate. Raspberry and liquorice enjoy being together.

Your own labels

Giving a special gift to friends, employees? You can get a label designed to say exactly what you want or carry your company logo
boutique liquorice gifts with your own design on the labelspeciality liquorice gifts with your own design on the label