New Generation Liquorice|sellers of fine nougat, fudge, liquorice and toffee

Distributors of high-quality novelty nougats, fudges, liquorice and toffee through NZ and overseas

All our products are made in NZ on licensed premises for national and international buyers. We not only provide the popular lines but also frequently introduce original and unusual flavour combinations. Our products are sought after by liquorice and nougat-lovers


For use by commercial outlets: coffee bars, restaurants, delicatessens and caterers. Strong, revolving, plastic dispensers stacked with delicious nougat bars filled with pieces of fruit, spice, nuts or liquorice. Guaranteed shelf life of 8 months when kept cool. Please speak to your regional agent about prices and delivery. Client feedback available on request.

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~ Our Product Categories ~

New Generation Liquorice, distributors of speciality nougat

Novelty Nougat

Nougat with a difference

Nougat is becoming increasingly popular and buyers enjoy the unexpected but carefully balanced flavours we combine. The nougat is firm but not chewy. Our raspberry nougat is the favourite but have you ever thought of mint in melted nougat, or apricot or pineapple - often combined with liquorice? Give it a try.

New Generation Liquorice, distributors of fine fudges

Fabulous Fudge

Light, tasty, satisfying and not cloying

In a range of flavours with a strong MMMMMM! factor. Russian Fudge, fudge flavoured with Irish Cream, or mixed with chocolate, or liquorice. Or try a combination pottle. We use a long-lasting finely-textured fudge made with the best ingredients.

New Generation Liquorice, distributors of boutique liquorice

Luscious Liquorice

Soft and bursting with flavour

Always a staple. People love liquorice and our flavours don't disappoint. From aniseed-flavoured Irish Moss to something a little different. Try Raspberry Chocolate or Herbal Logs or Peaches and Cream ...

New Generation Liquorice, sellers of fine toffee

Tasty Toffee

Soft and very more-ish

Our toffee lollies are individually wrapped. Soft toffee is infused with liquorice and aniseed to produce subtle flavours. Kind to your teeth!

For business for pleasure

New Generation Liquorice International is one of New Zealand’s foremost suppliers of nougat and liquorice-based products

  • Popular as gifts/treats for clients, customers, friends, someone special, employees, employers ...
  • Ideal for charity fund-raisers, promotions, special occasions, the festive season, staff events
  • Hygenically packaged and handled
  • New products regularly online
  • Personalised labelling available, eg company logo or special message
New Generation Liquorice one of New Zealand's top suppliers of nougat and liquorice-based products

Delight in every bite!!

selling opportunities with New Generation Liquorice to purchase our products

We have a team of salespeople through the country who will service your region.


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Sales opportunities

If you want to take up a selling franchise yourself in one of our 15 NZ territories


Happy customers ...

Over the last few years I have spent $10,000s on smart promotional items. Amazing as it may seem, your simple and inexpensive liquorice minipottle has proved to be one of the biggest hits yet. I can honestly say that our debtor days have dropped because of your liquorice! Clients absolutely love it – unfortunately so do my staff... read more

Real Recruitment, Helen Simpson, Managing Director


... more happy customers ...

I have used your liquorice as gifts. The product was supplied fresh and on time on both occasions. It has proved an ideal gift particularly when I have needed something for a team of people. Feedback from my clients has been extremely positive, though some have become addicted to the liquorice!!!! read more     

BayCorpAdvantage Marc Bank, Central Regional Manager

... and still more

I heartily recommend this product to you whoever you are and whatever business you are in. It always seems to be a hit and even years after the sale, some customer will raise the subject of the pottle of liquorice we gave them when they bought such and such. Amazing… read more

Newbolds Electrical, Lower Hutt Wayne Bouzaid, Manager

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