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Delight in every bite
chocolate fudge, New Generation Liquorice

Chocolate Fudge

200g & 500g
A chocolate flavoured fudge, light in texture and flavour. Another high-quality NZ product using the best milk products and flavourings

Irish Creme fudge, New Generation Liquorice

Irish Cream Fudge:

200g & 500g
Lovers of Irish Creme will quickly identify its flavour in this finely textured fudge. Light, tasty, satisfying and not cloying. Long-lasting and made with the best ingredients

Liquorice Fudge, New Generation Liquorice

Liquorice Fudge:

200g & 500g
If you love liquorice this will be for you. Fudge that manages to combine the taste of liquorice with the texture of fudge

Russian Fudge, New Generation Liquorice

Russian Fudge:

200g & 500g
A sweet and full-bodied fudge which is neither heavy nor tacky. More-ish. Uses the best available milk products and ingredients. Another long-lasting favourite

Fudge Combo Supreme, a combination of Russian, Irish Cream, Liquorice and chocolate fudge

Combination Fudge

A well-filled pottle combining all four of these light rich fudges - or any fudge combination that takes your fancy

Boutique toffee flavoured with aniseed, New Generation Liquorice


Something different...
This is a rather soft chewing lolly with the liquorice and aniseed combining to produce subtle flavours. Individually wrapped

Your own labels

Giving a special gift to friends, employees? You can get a label designed to say exactly what you want or to carry your company logo
Get your gift label custom-made, New Generation LiquoriceGet your confectionery gift label custom-made, New Generation Liquorice

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