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Commercial Nougat Dispensers

This new product is popular in cafes. These revolving dispensers are compact, easy for customers to access and turn, and easy to fill with nougat bars from the New Generation Liquorice range. The bars are moist, firm to the bite and generously filled with tasty fruity or liquorice pieces. Great to have with a quick cup of coffee. Eat a whole bar, share it with a friend ...

nougat dispenser for commercial outlets
nougat dispensers for coffee bars, restaurants
New Generation Liquorice revolving nougat dispensers

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New Generation Liquorice for apricot liquorice nougat

Apricot Liquorice Nougat:

200g | 500g
Using NZ-grown apricot pieces. The first burst of flavour comes from the apricot, with the liquorice having a gradual mellowing effect. Enjoy!

New Generation Liquorice for banana and raspberry nougat

Almond Nougat:

200g | 500g
A fine, light, but moist nougat carefully balanced by the soft texture and flavour of almond nut portions. Subtle. Has a delicate and fragrant taste not overridden by nutty flavours

New Generation Liquorice for ginger and liquorice nougat

Ginger Liquorice Nougat:

200g | 500g
For lovers of ginger. Crystallised ginger and liquorice are melted into nougat fresh from the ovens to give a tasty and beautifully balanced treat. The ginger flavour slowly builds on the palate after about 20 seconds but is never too strong. One or two pieces are all you need. A great gift for more senior members of the family

New Generation Liquorice for liquorice nougat

Liquorice Nougat:

200g | 500g
Eating Ecstasy! Like Nougat? Then you're bound to enjoy this - natural liquorice logs embedded in fresh nougat. The nougat has the same consistency as the liquorice (firm but not chewy) and the two flavours are a unique blend

New Generation Liquorice for mint liquorice nougat

Mint Liquorice Nougat

200g | 500g
Mint flavoured nougat filled with chunks of soft liquorice.Yum!

New Generation Liquorice for nutty nougat

Nutty Nougat

200g | 500g
Fast becoming a favourite. A unique combination of our special Nougat, laced with nuts, to give a crunchy flavoursome mouthful. For the less sweet-toothed

New Generation Liquorice for raspberry nougat

Raspberry Nougat

200g | 500g
One of our best sellers - pushing the factory into overtime. Raspberry logs are melted into the nougat as soon as it comes from the ovens. If you enjoy a raspberry flavour you'll certainly like this combination. The product has the same texture as Liquorice Nougat - firm but not chewy

New Generation Liquorice for banana liquorice nougat

Banana Liquorice Nougat

200g | 500g
Banana and liquorice - another great tasting combo. Watch the pleasure on people's faces as they savour the soft banana nougat then meet the flavour hit from the dark liquorice! Another winner

New Generation Liquorice for banana and raspberry nougat

Banana Raspberry Nougat:

Whoever would have thought banana and raspberry would work together so well? The popular and reassuringly familiar flavour of banana in the nougat is offset with fruity bursts of raspberry flavour. More-ish! A carefully judged balance of rarely combined flavours in a light soft nougat


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