New Generation Liquorice|sellers of fine nougat, fudge, liquorice and toffee

New Generation Liquorice International
Distributors of fine nougat, fudge, liquorice and toffee

Who are we?

New Generation Liquorice International has been doing business in New Zealand for 25 years

New Generation Liquorice special gifts of nougat, fudge, liquorice and toffee for special occasions

Our products are often a hit with the individual or company wanting to give people something a little bit different. Give them to friends, staff or customers. Give them for the festive season, company birthday, in appreciation, to build goodwill or just as a treat. Our products are often used on a day-to-day basis for saying, "Thank-you" or even, "Sorry".

Managers sometimes add some product to clients' purchases. Their usage is practically unlimited.

New Generation Liquorice, fresh hygienic tasty nougat, fudge, liqorice and toffee sourced in New Zealand

Our products are fresh, and there is a large and changing variety on offer. We are careful about hygiene. We trade under current health and safety regulations. Our confectionery is made by two well-known national manufacturers on licensed premises using raw materials sourced as much as possible in NZ and produced to very high standards.

All products come with a warranty and should you find they are not to standard they will be replaced. Replacements have not been necessary in all our years of trading.

Orders will be distributed anywhere in the country but a courier fee may apply.


New Generation Liquorice sells New Zealand-wide and has agents in your area

We have salespeople covering most of New Zealand, from Kaitaia to Invercargill, and typically a salesperson will call upon you or your company to provide you with samples to be tasted, and show you the product range.

We also provide sales opportunities for people wanting to sell New Generation Liquorice products in their own area. Click the button for more information.